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Keita Takahashi Drew My Picture, Part 2



Here's the picture Keita Takahashi drew. As you can see, it doesn't look too much like me. I was wearing a tie, glasses and a lanyard around my neck. I'm not sure what I'm holding in my left hand. Is it a handbag? A bullhorn? A thought bubble?

My intent was to get Mr. Damacy to draw a character that wasn't the King, the Prince, Boy or Girl. Unfortunately I think my request for "something that isn't in any of your games" was interpreted as a challenge. Since Takahashi's games include virtually everything that exists (and some things that don't), his first impulse must have been to draw me, or a somewhat formless character with some of my attributes.

I should take a moment to thank the unlucky woman who agreed to translate for me. Many of us listened to Takahashi's talk by wearing headsets through which a simultaneous translation was being broadcast. This had a weird effect. Instead of Takahashi's own voice echoing through the packed conference room, I had a sweet-voiced translator speaking clearly and directly into my ear. It was like hearing Takahashi's subconscious, or having all of his meaning transmitted directly into my brain. I think all press previews for games should be handled this way, even if the dev team and PR staff could speak English. They'd be a lot more persuasive.