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Curling Is An Olympic Sport?


In the world of sports that American’s don’t understand, curling has to be up on the top of that list. Gliding rocks across ice while men and women in tights sweep madly in front of the advancing stone seem so, well, silly.
Don’t tell that to the Canadians. This Scottish-born game is something of a national sport in the Great White North and they even play it In the Olympics. Maybe they know that that it’s goofy. Then again, they also know that we likes us a monster truck rally. So shame is really in the eye of the beholder.
Manitoba-based Complex Games was commissioned by the government to create a Wii-based version of the sport, dubbed Wee Curl as a part of trade event. And company head Noah Decter-Jackson was on hand to demo the game and explain the basics of a sport that’s a lot like shuffleboard.
Surprising to me, this four-player cross between bowling and cleaning the kitchen floor was a lot of fun.
Decter-Jackson said that they hope to get the final game onto WiiWare at some point. For now, the game will serve its cultural mission of sharing curling love off the company’s laptop. 
But mark my words, when Wee Curl hits the market, expect curling nights to slide right up beside Wii bowling as a popular reason to drink beers and game with grandma. Canadian beers, of course.