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Parabellum to my Cerebellum


I had a brief  look at Parabellum this morning from K2 Networks. I don't really have enough data to form an opinion on the game at this point, and to be honest – I only looked at it because an old friend was repping for the company. The basics: it's a free-to-play Unreal Engine 3 powered shooter featuring Counter-Strike style teamplay, a micro transaction system for buying goods like costumes and weapon upgrades and it is being developed by a Swiss company whose name escapes me at the moment (sorry guys who I met this morning, I'm getting old) founded by three cousins.

The game has quite a few months before it is ready for a full scale public consumption consumption and when the game does go live it will lack many of the elements that make it an MMO and not just another free shooter. For using place holder art and missing many of the features you'd expect in a shooter, it didn't look half bad.


The challenge of Parabellum is in differentiating itself from other free online shooters. The question is why play this game when you can play Quake Live or K2's other game War Rock? That's not a knock against K2 – it's a challenge for them to give gamers something  different.