Crispy Gamer

Zombie Attack Outside the Moscone Center: They can smell your fear (and embarrassment)


Sometimes it's embarrassing to be part of the videogame business. And sometimes it's sad. Which is why some of us drink. (Not me.) (OK, maybe a little.) Today I was exiting the Moscone Center when I saw a throng of GDC attendees gathered together on the sidewalk. I thought, Perhaps an elderly man with a dancing monkey and a music box is performing over there. (I love monkeys. Especially when they wear hats or smoke cigarettes.) But instead of finding a dancing monkey, I found some people dressed as zombies, and pretending to slobber on the glass outside the mostly-glass Moscone center. They were really getting into it too, Dawn of the Dead style, clawing at the glass, drooling, everything. It was some sort of performancetisement. These things happen sometimes at conventions, sadly enough. Some maker of something will hire a bunch of people to act like douchebags in the name of, I guess, creating a scene. And lookee here: I'm contributing to this phenomenon by writing about. But what I will not do is tell you the name of the company that was frantically passing out fliers/postcards with more information about their game. Well, actually, I probably would, but I was so embarrassed, and so disappointed, and really kind of upset, and worried that this is such a bad reflection on gamer culture (people were gathering around and snapping pictures like crazy, so it'll probably be on the cover of a Hong Kong newspaper tomorrow) that I kind of ran away at a very high rate of speed. So fast that I didn't collect a postcard thing.


You know, I thought those poor bastards from last year in the Professor Layton hats were bad. No matter how low you go in performancetisements, you can always go lower. And that's today's lesson, kids.