Crispy Gamer

GamesBeat Thoughts


I am still digesting all of the discussions that went on at GamesBeat today, but it was a relatively entertaining and informative affair. Honestly, a lot of the fun stuff going on was out in the halls, meeting people (I met Kyle Orland, David Thomas, and Susan Lusty for the first time today), eating our lunches on the run because of a fire drill, and hanging out with the Crispy Crew.

I was very disappointed that Jenova Chen from thatgamecompany didn't get to finish his presentation during the good Mr. Narcisse's panel on "Visualizing the future of games in ten years." What he was proposing would have been the glue to what Raph Koster, Michel Tombroff and Elan Lee were saying.  It was the best discussion of the day.

There was also an interesting panel on "How are gaming principles stimulating innovation in the non-gaming world" that was brought down by some absolutely jarring hot mic moments that made the crowd cringe.

 There was a lot of talk about platform agnostic gaming, the end of packaged goods as we know them. Certainly some interesting stuff that I am going to dive into a bit later..

Oh and it was nice to hear someone scream out "OMG It's Crispy Gamer!" I will admit it was more than a little jarring and I did not know what to say.