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Build (and Sell) Your Own Boardgame


Care to indulge in the timeless pass-time of the non-digital game?  Want to make your own board game?  Want to make that game available for anyone on the world wide web to purchase for themselves?

Look no further than The Game Crafter!

Digital Game Development in the Palm of Your Hand


Always wanted to develop your own digital games?  Well, with just $3.99 in capital, you can!  You can buy buy Game Dev Story that is!

Download this industry sim to your Android, iPad, iPhone, or iPod touch, and enjoy hours of fun as you live the life of a brazen startup game developer, and develop your new company from its first contract job to bringing its own console to market.

Commission sequels, corner the market, and create your own Game Dev Story!

Gamer Soda


Caffeine? Check.

Sugar? Check.

B vitamins? Check.

Billing it self as "The Beverage Brand created specifically for you - the video gamer," Gamer Soda wants nothing more than to sit on your coffee table and provide you with  naturally-flavored, liquid fuel for your next gaming binge.  And what timing!  You just happen to be preparing for that binge right now, as you tear the plastic wrap off of that great new game you just unwrapped.

Great Scott!!


Telltale Games, makes of the Monkey Island and Sam & Max series, is launching a new adventure game based on the Back to the Future film franchise.  Chistopher Lloyd is back voicing Doc Brown, and the films' producer Bob Gale is consulting to make sure all the details will be up to spec for the fans.

The game is available for preorder now at

New Deals for the PC Gamer this Black Friday


If you've been looking to upgrade your gaming rig, pop over to and check out their big holiday sale.  Since yesterday, the electronics and computer hardware site has been featuring lots of deep discounts for Black Friday.  Stock up now, and get your gear up to spec for the next wave of new games!

Check it out yourself at!

WoW Shattered!


World of Warcraft's latest update, patch 4.0.3, hit yesterday in preparation for Cataclysm's full launch on December 7th.  Deathwing has made quite a mess of old Azeroth, rending the landscape of WoW's original continents.  However, some new features, including the new races, starting areas, and old continent-flight won't go live until the 7th.

Log on to see for yourself, and click here to read the offical patch notes.

The Walking Dead - Web Game


The Walking Dead, the new AMC show based on the breakout comic series, has a new web game up to draw even more viewers.  Help Glen scavenge for food and find the other essential supplies on his list, while distracting, outrunning, and killing the undead.

Check it out here.

Fictional Game Busts Out in the Big City

WC logo.jpg

Quidditch, the magical sport conjured by J.K. Rowling for the Harry Potter series, is brought to the real world this weekend smack in the heart of NYC.  Featured in the HP novels, films, and video games, the sport was adapted for the real world in 2005 by Middlebury College student Xander Manshel.  Since then, hundreds of teams have been founded, and are overseen by the International Quidditch Association.

Kick Asteroids!


With the help of a neat little applet created by 18-year-old Swede Erik Rothoff Andersson, you can now treat any webpage as if it were the seminal arcade space shooter, Asteroids.  Just go to Erik's site -, click or drag the button, and you're off and running.  W for thrust, A & D to turn, and Space to shoot!

Like Erik says, it's great for blasting a path through annoying banner ads! :D

Nintendo Power!


Tonight, you and your friends will likely be dressing up in scary costumes and heading out on the town for tricks and treats.  But perhaps you've put off putting together your costume until the last minute?  Neglected to think of the perfect get-up to impress your buds and intimidate your enemies? If that's the case, you need look no further than the NES controller you're mashing as you read this...

Click here for some ideas.

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