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Sweet Enola Gay, Valve has gone and released modding tools for Portal 2!


In a blog post on May 10th, Valve released the authoring tools for Portal 2 to the public. This means that fans can now make their own Portal 2 maps, skins, models, sound effects and music. I think this officially makes Portal 2 my top game for 2011. Of course, this does mean that for every amazing fan made map, we’ll probably see 5 god awful pieces of crap and 10 phallic shaped maps.

Here's the official announcement.

Big patch coming to Fallout: New Vegas on monday


According to Jason Bergman, Bethesda Softworks’ Senior Producer for Fallout: New Vegas, over at

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  • Xenogears arrives on PSN this week to remind gamers what a Good JRPG looks like.


    While many gamers will be clamoring over the release of Killzone 3 for the PS3 this week, the real news is that a classic of gaming will be making a return. According to the Playstation Blog, this week will see the release, on PSN, of the legendary JRPG, Xenogears.

    “PSone Classics

    The Smithsonian wants you to decide which games count as "Art"


    Fallout: New Vegas' DLC Dead Money will hit the PS3 and PC Feb 22nd.


    It was announced on the Bethesda blog today that Dead Money, the first DLC for Fallout: New Vegas would finally be released for PCs and PS3s on February 22nd. It was also announced that 3 more add-ons are on the way.

    “This morning we’ve announced that Dead Money, the first game add-on for Fallout: New Vegas, is coming to PlayStation 3 (via PSN) and PC (via Steam and Direct2Drive) on Tuesday, February 22nd. Additionally, we will be releasing three additional add-on packs in the coming months. These packs will launch simultaneously on Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and PC.

    Cataclysm "may" ship in early January according to a gentleman I met in a bar


    Many fans of the all consuming monstrosity that is World of Warcraft have pre-ordered its newest expansion Cataclysm from, and recently a number of them received emailed messages foretelling the expansion’s oh so secret release date. This was originally announced over at Kotaku(credit where credit’s due) where fans sent in emails about getting this magical glimpse into the future of addiction. I must assume our fans have done the same and it’s only a finicky spam filter that’s keeping our Inbox empty at the moment (it’s not delusion, its coping!)

    APB’s shutting down after only 2 months or so (and yet Everquest 2 is still going somehow)


    After launching only a month and a half ago, Realtime Worlds’ cops and robbers MMO APB will be shutting down. For the moment the servers are still up and running, but that may change soon.

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