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No more Alpha Protocol

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In news that I'm sure will surprise no one (least of all, people that bought the game), Sega has decided that Alpha Protocol will not recieve the sequel treatment. In an interview with CVG, Sega West president Mike Hayes talks about AP's poor metacritic showing but also remains proud of the core concept that the game tried for, and failed to reach:

"Ooooh, aaaah!"...ugh.


Last night, I went with a group of friends to see a belated 4th of July fireworks display. My girlfriend and I were of very different minds on whether it was worth going as she seemed very excited by the prospect and I was very much of the "been there, done that" mindset. But I decided, "what the hell" and tagged along.

Tony Stark: The Ultimate Gamer

Ironman2 tony.jpg

So I finally got around to seeing Iron Man 2 last night. Yeah I know, I'm late to the party and the world has already moved on. But one thing struck me as I watched the latter half of the movie. Gaming culture is becoming ubiquitous. Take a look at this exchange between Iron Man and War Machine *minor spoilers ahead*:

Iron Man: "They're coming in hot. Any second, what's the play?"

War Machine: "Well we'll want to take the high ground, ok? So we want to put the biggest gun on that ridge."

Henry Kissinger Plays a Round of Magic

Magic kissinger.jpg

I know, the title is misleading, but watching my girlfriend Annette play this battle in Magic: The Gathering - Duels of the Planeswalkers, it conjured images of American and Soviet nuclear arms buildup.

Stardock Is Going Elemental

Elemental city.jpg


First Shot: Alpha Protocol

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You have to love a game that has the balls to, at the end of the tutorial, reference how great the rest of the experience is going to be. Upon being sent through a crash course teaching me the gameplay, my new boss had a few parting words for me before my first mission that went something like this:

Double Shot: Just Cause 2 Black Market Boom Pack

Justcause2 4shot.jpg


First Shot: Tropico 3 - Absolute Power

TropicoAP Front.jpg


The Russian Whisperer

My first PC game was Red Baron. I borrowed it from my godmother's husband and never got around to returning it *cough*. It started me down the path that I'm still on today, as a devoted PC gamer. So when I heard that a Russian developer, neoqb, was developing what looked to be Red Baron for the modern age, I was ecstatic.

Double Shot: Just Cause 2 Aerial Pack


I just got my grubby little hands on the $2.00 Black Market Aerial Pack DLC for Just Cause 2. Apparently, developer Avalanche will be releasing a few of these in the coming months, each containing about three equipment and vehicle additions a piece. This pack includes a new rocket launcher, fighter plane and parachute jets, all purchasable from the in-game black market. Is this first entry worth the price of admission?

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