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Professor Layton vs Phoenix Wright. You heard me.


…I think I just pissed myself with excitement.  

In a move that can only be described as the most awesome idea in the history of franchise mash-ups, two giants of portable gaming will collide on the 3DS.

Phoenix Wright in one corner, and Professor Layton in the other. 


First Shot: Castlevania - Lords of Shadow



      When I heard I was going to be reviewing Castlevania: Lords of Shadow, old memories of the castle crawling franchise came rushing back to my mind: the labyrinthine corridors, the epic tunes, Dracula… good times, those were.  It is with those memories in mind that I can say the series’ latest incarnation is a Castlevania in name only.

Electronic Arts about face, change name of Taliban in Medal of Honor



     Yesterday, Electronic Arts announced that they are removing the Taliban from their soon to be released Medal of Honor game, but only as playable characters.  Executive producer Greg Goodrich had this to say:

First Shot: Amnesia: The Dark Descent


Building up in anticipation to Amnesia, I’d been hearing some pretty interesting things: the mood is just right, the atmosphere oozes creepiness, and most importantly, that the game is pants-shittingly scary. 

First Shot: Madden 11



            In a summer where Madden saw its first legitimate challenger in what feels like half a decade, it was my expectation that EA Sports would go all out when it came to this year’s football sim. 

First Shot: Backbreaker


After a few hours of play, I'm really not sure what to make of Backbreaker. Prior to its release, the Madden challenger was hyped for its intuitive running game and "euphoria" physics system, which claimed to make every tackle animation unique.

Blur Commercial: Hilarity & Hypocrisy

Blur Logos

So, Blur has been released, and if you have turned on your T.V. at all this past week, you might have noticed Blur’s new commercial.

Steam for Mac Launch: I'm "Steamed"


When it was announced that Steam would be coming to the Mac platform, the world rejoiced. Mac users and Justin Long alike danced in the streets, celebrating the moment when Macs would take a major step forward in computer gaming. Well, Steam has been available for 5 days thus far, and at the time of this writing, I am not happy with the product.  

REMINDER: Steam for Mac launches May 12th


The moment is nearly upon us, the moment where Macs will finally be on par with PCs in terms of gaming.

Difficult Games are More Fun


Remember arcades?  Those magical places where gaming rigs stood shoulder to shoulder, filling up entire rooms?  Patrons used to flock there to spend their collective quarters in the hopes of reaching the next level, beating the game, or besting their high score.  Then there was me, a goofy ten year old who didn’t have much to spend in terms of money, but had a small fortune of time to waste.  

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