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Peggle: Why I Play It, Love It, and Hate Myself.


Whenever I hear or see Bejeweled,I feel a sharp pain slide down my spine as that game ruins all that isbeautiful about gaming. Bejeweled got so popular thatmatching tile games have exploded as a sub-genre. You likely know some of theknock-offs: Jewel Quest, Chuzzle, MahjongTiles, etc.

Wait, you haven’t heard about these games? Then there ishope for you good sir, maybe not all of us have been corrupted. 

Please Insert Disc 2


When FinalFantasy XIII releases in North Americain March, the Xbox360 version will come with three discs, while the PS3 versionis all on one Blu-Ray disc. Playstation fanboys have been all over the internetsaying how much bigger and better their system is, like anyone cares.Regardless, I’ll be buying this game for PS3 when it comes out; I’m a hugeFinal Fantasy fan.

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