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Why Jay-Z is a walking videogame. (Or: Jay-Z is performing for free.)


(Skip to the bottom of the post for free concert details.)

Why games are more like tricycles


For the record, if I had to choose between living on the bleeding edge of gaming in 2010 and staring at this picture of a tricycle the whole year, I would probably choose the tricycle.


Good Night



I've always hated the notion that one can somehow triangulate a game's quality by weighing price against hours spent. It reeks of consumer tunnel-vision.

Win a free Games on Demand code for BioShock! (Among other stuff.)


Hey! Here is a chance to win a free Xbox 360 Games on Demand download code for BioShock.

Clothes make the gunman


There's a lot of talk about free-running lately. Perhaps it's because the usage of the buzzword in Brink previews has made references to Mirror's Edge materialize seemingly all over. I love the mechanic, as it plays out in Mirror's Edge, because it takes the first-person conceit so literally.

The Beatles as The Beatles


World's Greatest Videogame Toilets: Crispy Gamer



Our series of the World's Greatest Videogame Toilets has finally drawn to a close with today's Bonus Flush, 3D Realms' highly dubious Shadow Warrior. What I've learned from this series is that videogame toilet humor died out a long time ago. Today's virtual toilets are photorealistic but not a whole lot of fun. Then again, breaking toilets in real life is kind of a drag. See above.

Breaking Bones with a Bone Club


You truly beat the life out of your enemies in Zeno Clash. An uppercut to the jaw sends them flying across a grassy field. It takes them a moment to get back up. While they're dazed, you can run up and kick them a few times for good measure.

Play Well With Others?


Here's one. Take old Sierra adventure games -- the first Space Quest, Police Quest, and Leisure Suit Larry games -- and make them playable on the Web. Then allow you to see everyone else who's playing the game along with you, and to overhear what they are saying to the game.

"Look body," one player says. "Take rose," says another.

What A Bear


Enviro-Bear 2000: Operation: Hibernation is a chaotic experience, as you can see from the screenshot. You're a bear preparing for hibernation. As you crash through the woods in your camper, things like pinecones, fish, berries, and unruly animals end up inside the car.

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