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Curling Is An Olympic Sport?


In the world of sports that American’s don’t understand, curling has to be up on the top of that list. Gliding rocks across ice while men and women in tights sweep madly in front of the advancing stone seem so, well, silly.
Don’t tell that to the Canadians. This Scottish-born game is something of a national sport in the Great White North and they even play it In the Olympics. Maybe they know that that it’s goofy.

Hey Smart Guy! Game Studies Download 4.0


Like a Giant TV, This GDC Thing Is

I think of GDC as a giant television with a million different channels.
And I think of being a journalist at the GDC is sort of like being a stoner with the TV remote.

You Can?t Say That In Videogames



One day, GDC might not have an Anti-Censorship roundtable. One day, it might not need one.

For now, game writer and anti-censorship activist Daniel Greeberg made his annual pilgrimage to the conference to talk about what’s new in the world of people that want games to sit down and shut up.

Holy $%#! Curt Schilling Is Making a Game!


Hey Buddy, Need a Few Million to Make A Game?


Thump thump thump.

(Is this thing on?)

Greetings from GamesBeat 2009!

Games what?

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