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Kotaku Fund Raiser Fun


Life on the battlefield we call Internet Game Journalism is a cold, harsh existence. But for one night I was able to crawl out of the trenches and shake hands with the enemy to help the kids.

Why I Love Games: Slutty Ontology


When Game Academics Attack (The subject)


Brunel University: Home to the 4th DiGRA Conference


Why Game Critics Suck: Boats


I’ve played a lot of games, and by a lot, I mean A LOT. It’s one of the perqs of the job—you get to see and try out a lot games. So, on the rare occasion that I  haven’t had a chance to play some big game, at least Ihave heard of it.

Then today, I get this in my inbox:

Sims vs Spore: Battle Royale!


Take a minute, if you will, and let’s talk about Spore and The Sims.

I recently wrapped up a review of The Sims 3, and was reminded how much I have enjoyed that series and relatively speaking, how little joy I’d derived from Spore.

The Fine Art of Missing E3



I didn’t go to E3 this year. I know, you probably didn’t either. But after 12 years in a row of wallowing in the annual excess of that particular event, it felt pretty weird to be at home, reading blogs and just taking notes.

But as my jealously over all the free drinks, bag fulls of schwag and glimpses of starlets has subsided, I realize that I didn’t miss much.

The Problem with Innovation

While performing my daily ritual of avoiding work while surfing the Web, I came across this nugget:

Interface Designers, I Shake My Fist At Thee

Standing in my living room, pumping my Wiimote up and down in time to the music, yes, I feel like a dork. It also has gotten me thinking about this whole motion control thing.
I’ve been playing Major Minor’s Majestic March, a game so weird that you feel like you can’t hate it in case you are missing something.

Turn Classic Movies Into Gaming Gold!

Inspired by Gus’ pained review of the Godfather II, I realized that if you can’t beat ’em, join ‘em.
So, hey, big name videogame companies! Here’s my picks for some classic films that desperately need games.

Maybe Uwe Boll Is Right

Thanks to wickedly wonderful white magic of Netflix on demand movies and my Roku box, I finally had a chance this weekend to watch Uwe Boll’s satirical masterpiece, Postal.
I’ll propobably have my game cred plucked forever from my wallet by angry entertainment cops, but I liked the movie. Yes it was dumb. Yes it was offensive. And yes, sometimes it just kind of meandered.
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