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MTV's Rock Band strategy (through the lense of an E3 party)




I think a couple of scenes from MTV Games' sprawling suite at the O Hotel last night provide a good look at how MTV is splitting up the gaming universe with the newest incarnations of the Rock Band series.

Man, 2010 is going to be AWESOME!


E3 is usually where the industry learns about all the biggest games of the year. At E3 2009, though, that year we're learning about increasingly seems to be 2010.

Overheard at E3: The Sony Difference


"No f***ing fitness games!"

Take Nintendo's Official E3 Trivia Quiz


If there's one thing I love, it's Nintendo trivia. If there's two things I love, it's Nintendo and trivia! So when the big screens on Nintendo's pre-E3 press conference stage started displaying a rotation of trivia questions like the one above, I was giddier than a schoolgirl.

Pre-E3 pressers bring the (external) star power



(Photo: VentureBeat)

"When you match [our developers] with some of the biggest celebrities in the world, you get nothing less than gaming perfection."
-Joel McHale, introducing Ubisoft's pre-E3 press conference

E3 hasn't even officially started yet, but it's already a star-studded affair.

Memorable E3 Press Conference Moments: Honorable Mentions


There have been so many memorable E3 press conference moments, we just couldn't fit

them all into our top ten list. Here's five more "honorable mentions"

that will live in infamy.

Boogie's All Singing, All Dancing Premiere (EA, 2007)

Th1s H4s 7o St0p! Sensible Game Numbering NOW!


People, people, people! Did we learn nothing from Driv3r? The conventional wisdom says that game recieved a critical drubbing because of a buggy engine, lackluster combat and ridiculous AI.

Gaming by the Numbers: Hours and Hours


"Gaming by the Numbers" is an occasional series examining the statistics that make up our gaming lives.

Number of hours it takes to become an expert at a specific task, according to Malcolm Gladwell's new book, Outliers: 10,000

My Sister Annotates Blazing Prattles Ep. 21


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I just had the following, unsolicited instant messenger conversation with my 15-year-old sister (pictured, right). Typos and misspellings have been left as is intentionally. Instant Messenger handles have been changed to protect the innocent (and my sister).

Listen along to the podcast

First Video of Lego Rock Band

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