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A little bit country, a little less rock and roll


So, you been enjoying that Rock Band Country Track Pack? It's OK, you can admit it. Country is the No. 1 radio genre in the United States, even if it doesn't seem that way among hardcore gamers. But if the Country Track Pack has shown us anything, it's that, for rhythm games, country is just as good as rock or hip hop or techno or metal.

Theories on the final Beatles: Rock Band song


NOT NEWS ALERT: Xbox 360's Netflix 'Exclusivity'


Make your own Game Featuring T-Pain


If 50 Cent can have his own big budget game, why not T-Pain?

The Quotable "The Beatles: Rock Band on QVC"


For one hour tonight, QVC tried to sell the Beatles: Rock Band to its audience of parents and grandparents desperate to look cool to their offspring (and grandoffspring). Some key quotes from the hosts to give you an idea of the inanity.

Ten Questions: Offspring's Noodles


Concerts are always better when you feel like you have a personal connection with the band. With that in mind -- and in honor of our Samsung Summer Krush Tour ticket giveaway -- we asked Offspring guitarist Noodles (yes, it is SO a real name!) ten vital questions about his gaming experience.


1. Do you play games?

Yes, I do.

Contests Galore: Free Tickets, Free Phones, Free Stardom!


Aspiring bands across the country are getting a chance at stardom with Harmonix's recently announced Rock Band Network, which lets indie bands submit their tracks as downloadable Rock Band songs. But why settle for virtual stardom when you and your band could have a chance at real stardom?

The iPhone's REAL killer gaming feature (or: How my iPod Touch saved me from Nancy Grace)




So, last night didn't go exactly as planned for me.

After winning an intramural softball game and going out for some thai food with my wife, I had planned to catch up on some work and then catch up with some friends for homemade ice cream. Instead, my work was interrupted by a call from a friend who lives five flights down:

"Can I ask you a favor?"

"Probably, what's up?"

Need a Band Name? Look to Classic Games



So after getting recommendations from roughly one gazillion people I trust and respect over the years (both virtually and in person), I'm finally getting into the Scott Pilgrim graphics novels these days. There's a a lot to like there -- the natural writing, the complex relationships, the slowly evolving characters -- but one of my favorite parts is the subtle video game references.

Why print gaming journalism is doomed


Winners in each category are underlined.

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