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Your chance to ask questions (sort of): Open Source Interview with LucasArts producer


Dinner with Developers rolls on tonight when Scott Jones and I dine with Haden Blackman from LucasArts, the project lead on last year's hit Star Wars: The Force Unleashed. Last year, I did a podcast with Haden during New York Comic-Con. Our meal's two hours away so I wanted to give our readers the chance to throw in some questions. If you want to know about the future of Star Wars video games, here's your chance to get some scoop. Post a question to the comments and we'll lay it on Haden once he's good and liquored up.

Bio lesson


Catch-up: Shuffling the Deck and my OnLive hands-on


Getting to from Gamesbeat yesterday sucked up a lot of my time, so let's get to the backlog, shall we?


Fun with Crayons





Daddy, where do tote bags come from?


Son, I'll tell you when you're older... 


What you're looking at is a line of volunteers frantically stuffing brochures, show guides and assorted promo materials into the tote bags every GDC attendee gets. I snapped this pic around 3:30 on Sunday, before the show opened. 90 minutes later, it was all gone like a figment of imagination.  If you're at GDC, touch your tote lovingly and know that many a papercut was suffered in assembling it.

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